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Spaces are open for application to youth groups(12-17 yrs of age) in all Provinces and Territories across Canada
(applications are approved on a first come, first serve basis)
The Department of Canadian Heritage is launching a review of the Exchanges Canada Program and is conducting a survey of youth in Canada to help guide its work.

Are you between 16 and 30 years old? Take 10 minutes to respond to this survey!

By participating in this survey, you will have a unique opportunity to express your opinion and to influence the future direction of the program.

About the Program

The Exchanges Canada Program, launched in 2000, is a funding program at Canadian Heritage that supports non-profit organizations so they can offer exchanges, forums, and summer jobs to youth between the ages of 12 to 25. Through this initiative, young people from across Canada have a unique opportunity to explore and discover our beautiful country and to connect with young people from different regions. All this, with the goal of valuing diversity, fostering cultural understanding, improving their knowledge of official languages, and allowing them to create friendships and lifelong memories.

The CSFEP Exchange Experience

Here’s how recent participants are sharing their experiences on CSFEP Exchanges

Exchange Participants visiting the Cypress Lake in Ontario for a guided tour hike in the grotto

A few participants enjoying a game night at one of the Chelsea host families… forming long lasting friendships.

Nakkertok – Foothills 2017 exchange _ “Lake Louise”



The Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Programs (CSFEP) exchanges are aimed at promoting friendship, respect and a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s language, culture, and Canadian heritage.

Objectives of the CSFEP:

The CSFEP also aims at involving youth exchanges with participants from all walks of life, and encourages underrepresented youth groups, such as youth with disabilities and special needs, visible minorities and Aboriginal youths to apply.
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Atikokan Ahousat Student Exchange operated by the Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Programs (CSFEP)

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Fredericton and Gatineau T

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St Romuald QC – Owen Sound ON Exchange (A Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Programs)

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The Skii Train – Skinouk/Whitehorse Cross-Country Skii CSFEP Exchange

Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Program

The Beginning

It all began as “The Hockey Cultural Program”  in 1972 when Jean Beliveau and the late Peter Bronfman contacted Robert (Bob) Beale (Founder and Executive Director of the Canada Student Exchange Programs). They wanted to propose to Bob an exchange program that would involve the hockey club “Les Canadiens” that would use the game of hockey to bring young Francophone and Anglophone Quebecois together, to foster friendship and better understanding between them.

In 2000, the founder – Bob Beale passed away, so to continue his passion for youth exchanges, the Executive Secretary Naomi Schwartz resumed the title of Executive Director, and she expanded the program to include other school groups with an average of 650 participants per year that travelled throughout Canada, from then it became “The Canada Sport Friendship Exchange Programs (CSFEP)”.

The CSFEP operates reciprocal cultural exchanges for all Canadian youths between the ages of 12-17 years, through sports groups and other school groups. We receive a contribution from the Federal Government, through Exchanges Canada – Department of Canadian Heritage, to help cover travel expenses for these exchanges. 

The CSFEP exchanges are aimed at enlightening the Canadian youths of the different cultures, languages, histories, and heritages in Canada, and also to create linkages and promote friendships between the youths in the different provinces all over Canada.

What our participants say about us

Participants’ Hand-written and Signed Testimonials

Are Your Ready to Join Us?

We can assist in finding other interested groups, co-ordinate and pay for travel between the different provinces, also may be able to provide some financial assistance to facilitate the exchange.

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